merger & acquisition support

Given the current amount of consolidation activity in the veterinary space, having a partner that can help navigate the challenges that come with a transition is key. If you're thinking about selling your clinic, we can help you and your employees explore coverage options: will the new owner maintain your group benefit program, or will you and your staff have to search for coverage elsewhere? And if you're buying a practice, whether your first or your hundredth, we can help ensure that your benefit program fits your growing organization.

Some of the things we do best include:

  • Helping you understand the impact of consolidating benefits (cost and quality of coverage) - will employees be better or worse-off, what options exist to minimize disruption, and what have others done?
  • Identifying compliance red flags - if you purchase a clinic, you may be exposing yourself to gaps in compliance. We can help you identify any issues and establish a plan for resolution.
  • Identifying regulatory nuances in different states - not all states treat benefits the same, and if you're expanding into a new state, we can help you understand what those differences might be.
  • Managing the transition or consolidation of benefits, onboarding new employees, and more.