HR Concierge

The success of a veterinary practice depends not only on the clinical skills of the professional veterinary staff, but also on the non-clinical skills related to managing the practice. In many practices, the non-clinical skills associated with human resource management are the responsibility of the practice manager. Employees are your #1 asset, and also your #1 risk.

When you have tough HR questions, where can you go? Your lawyer? Consultants? The Web? These options cost too much or leave you with incomplete answers. HR resource portals help greatly but can only go so far - with complex questions, there is no substitute for talking to a Human Resources expert.

Our HR Concierge services gives you more -- a packed HR resources library, and direct access to HR experts whenever you need it.

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hr hotline

Live, on-call support from a dedicated team of experienced HR advisors there in the moment that matters to point you in the right direction, offer a second opinion, or coach you on critical workforce issues.

  • Unlimited use
  • Calls answered live every day
  • Accessible 8am-7pm (Central) each business day
  • Senior level experienced HR professionals with PHR® and SPHR® designations
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hr library

Access a database of previously asked questions with answers, download templates and forms, find text for policies and procedures that can be adapted to your practice's needs, and more!

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handbook builder

Create a comprehensive employee handbook that complies with all current state and federal employment regulations—all with minimal time and effort on your part.

The Employee Handbook Builder will:

  • Minimize your risk of employment liability with clearly communicated, regulatory compliant policies.
  • Reduce the strain on your staff with pre-developed content, step-by-step instructions, expert commentary and online support.
  • Deliver a current, comprehensive, compliant handbook quickly without cutting corners.

Employee Handbook Builder features:

  • Compiled in collaboration with one of the country’s leading employment law firms.
  • Covers policy at both the federal and state level for every state where you have employees.
  • Fully editable and customizable to your practice's unique policies, philosophy and culture.