Employee Education & Communication

Effective employee education and communication is critical to ensure the long-term success of your employee benefit program. Our team will coordinate open enrollment, and even take it a step further by helping you develop an ongoing communication campaign with your staff post-enrollment. Why is this so important?  

 Source: December 2015 Benefit Communication Survey, IFEBP

Source: December 2015 Benefit Communication Survey, IFEBP


You want to differentiate yourself as an employer, and one way to do that is by offering a comprehensive benefit program. But if your only means of employee education is providing the generic benefit summaries provided by insurance companies, and you're not taking steps to customize benefit communications, you aren't taking advantage of a major opportunity to set your practice apart. Our team will help you develop a "brand" for your benefit program, ensuring that all education and communication reflects who your practice is. Your practice is unique, and your benefit program should reflect that!

open enrollment

Our team will coordinate your annual open enrollment, from creating benefit communications, to hosting meetings, to helping your employees enroll. Our open enrollment services include:

  • Creation of customized benefit guides
  • Presentation of all benefits to employees in-person or via live webinar
  • Recording an open enrollment presentation for employee self-service and ongoing use
  • Providing decision-support to help employees make informed choices


During open enrollment, it can be tough for employees to choose between health and other benefit plans. Our decision-support tools can help! These online tools are designed to help employees better understand their choices, and choose the appropriate coverage. How do they work? These tools are interactive, and will ask employees a series of questions about their health and expected health plan usage. From there, employees are shown the cost and financial impact of each available health plan based on expected usage, making it easy for them to choose.

ongoing education & communication

It's not enough to just communicate the value of your benefits and educate employees during open enrollment. Constantly providing benefit education will help empower employees to embrace their role as healthcare consumers and better understand their benefits. Our "Live Well, Work Well" and "Know Your Benefits" education series are designed to provide ongoing education about certain topics, including: making more informed healthcare decisions, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, maximizing your healthcare dollar, understanding the explanation of benefits received after accessing care, and more. Content is delivered through monthly or quarterly newsletters, email, lunch n' learn seminars, live webinars, or recorded presentations.