the benefits blueprint: strategic planning

The key to a successful and sustainable employer-sponsored health plan and employee benefit program is proactivity.  And also, that an employer’s value perception is maximized when employees receive the appropriate benefits. Our unique Blueprint process targets and delivers outcomes that are achievable, helping practice owners and managers identify goals and build a strategic plan to get you from where you are today, to where you want to be.

We are dedicated to understanding what your practice, or group of practices, is hoping to accomplish through your benefit offering: Our objective is to help you identify what your goals are and to develop an actionable plan to help you strategically achieve them.

Some of the goals we’ve helped other practices achieve include:

  • Reinforcing a high value perception of your benefit program throughout your organization
  • Educating and engaging your employees in their role as healthcare consumers
  • Improving administrative procedures for greater process efficiency
  • Achieving cost-control through creative or innovative plan design and funding strategies
  • Mitigating compliance risk associated with laws & regulations enforced by HHS, DOL and the IRS; not limited to ACA
alera vet starter kit cover.png

step 1: starter kit

The Blueprint process is designed to help us better understand if our knowledge, capabilities, tools, and expertise in the Veterinary Industry are relevant to your needs.  To get started, we ask you to invest 15 minutes of your time to complete this initial survey and confidential questionnaire.

alera vet discovery cover.png

step 2: Discovery

This is where we do most of our "fact-finding." After the Starter Kit is complete, we will spend 60-90 minutes together, and ask questions focused on certain key areas of your benefit program as identified by your Starter Kit responses. The more we learn, the better the outcome!

blueprint cover shot.png

step 3: Blueprint delivery

Using what we've learned, we create a Blueprint which provides a strategic plan with the actions and timelines required to achieve your goals. We will also present our toolbox in a manner that is relevant to your needs.

At this point you may or may not choose to hire us. No matter what you decide, the Blueprint is yours to keep.