benefits benchmarking

Veterinarians, as employers, are not immune to the problems associated with their employees' health insurance. Veterinary practices concerned with attracting and retaining the highest quality employees are forced to compete with other practices, and often times, other businesses. One of the major difficulties associated with the acquisition and retention of talent are health insurance costs, which often times occupy the second or third largest expenditures incurred by practices each year.

To help veterinary practice owners and managers compare their plan design offerings to those of other practices (and larger corporate-owned practice groups), our annual study focuses exclusively on the benefits offered by veterinary hospitals, highlighting the average medical plan designs offered by plan type, the average cost for coverage, what other types of benefits are frequently offered, and what practice owners and managers are doing to address benefit-specific challenges and control costs.

If you don’t know how your practice’s benefits compare to others, how do you know if you’re spending money in the right place?
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data-driven strategy.

Once you know how your practice's benefits compare to what others are offering their staff, you're able to identify where changes can be made, and develop a strategy to get there. Is the goal to be in-line with the benchmark? Is it to be more generous? Whatever the goal, once you know where on the spectrum you currently fall, it's easy to decide where you want to be!

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but first, you need to participate!

The 2018 Benefits Benchmarking Study is LIVE. To participate, click here.