The Alera Veterinary Advantage program is designed for veterinary employees, by those who know them best. It’s the health plan your staff have always wanted!

What makes our program better?


Healthier practices will save—Premium dollars not spent on your employees’ healthcare are returned.


Practice-specific claims reporting lets you see where your money is going.


Benefit plans are tailored to meet your employees’ needs.


Myth: Small businesses have limited options when it comes to health insurance.

Myth: The only way to reduce costs is to reduce benefits.

Myth: Only large businesses can have a self-funded health plan.

The Alera Veterinary Advantage program lets you experience the advantages of self-funding without taking on added risk. It’s an easy way for you to lower costs while providing quality health care benefits to your employees. We provide small- to mid-size practices with health benefit options previously only available to large employers.

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